A.H. Holland Homes LLC

A.H. Holland Homes LLC

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Facts About Our Homes

A.H. Holland Homes LLC builds log homes using three different species of wood: Engelman Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and Douglas Fir. Graded and stamped, our logs are harvested standing dead from forests near the Yellowstone National Park in Idaho and/or Southern Utah.

We use standard log sizes measuring 6"-16" in diameter and 6'-12' in length and employ the same log crafters on every home. The logs are turned on a lathe and the cope is milled after turning. They are fit together using a Swedish cope and a generous amount of Log Builder, a rubber acrylic adhesive sealant, between each log. Log Fasteners are then screwed in to secure them in place.

The joints between the logs on the house’s exterior are caulked or sealed with chinking. We also apply WOODguard on the house’s outer part.

At A.H. Holland Homes LLC, we build every log home to custom-fit its new owner. Get in touch with us to discuss your project. We serve clients in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.