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Successful  Village

How do you create a village in the forest? It takes trust, from the community, and it happens with determination... and a very comprehensive plan. The concept was to build homes in an undeveloped, natural setting that would still have access to the Lake, restaurants, a marina and most of all, to a sense of community. All the necessities would be close, in this small enclave of residents/visitors, but it would still be hidden away from traffic and noise. It worked!


This is the backStory of how the Village was created…

There are 25 homes, ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, in the Cape Cod and chalet style. They are defined mostly by their porches, decks and balconies and the variations in stains used to accent their attributes. As anticipated, these homes produce great rental incomes as well as serving as Lake homes and family dwellings.