Featured Project: Lombardo Home

Featured Project: Franz Home

This house was a fantastic opportunity to work with general design plans that were created by an active homeowner. We worked together, revising and modifying an idea into a reality. This project incorporated lakefront setbacks, low topography, and a stream crossing to mention a few. Incorporating the owner’s desires while preserving the natural integrity of the setting is a challenge, and I love finding that balance so when we leave, it looks like the cabin was set in place without disturbing a thing.


Featured Project: Banko Home

This project started as a simple modification of an existing plan with a cavoite. “What would you change if it were yours?” After red lining a print with ideas and budgeting, we came up with a unique home with extensive covered porch areas including a multilevel hot tub area. With a great room roof extension and a coordinated garage with extended entry overhang, this home is prepared for the weather Garrett County offers.

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